Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ayya Vazhi Songs

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Ayya Vazhi

The fame of Vaikundar had begun to spread in the countries of TravancoreTravancore Travancore or Thiruvithaamkoor or Tamil ?????????????? was a princely state in India with its capital at Trivandrum.... and TirunelveliTirunelveli Tirunelveli is a city corporation and the sixth largest city in Tamil Nadu state of southern India...., and he had been gradually recognised socially as a religious person with extraordinary powers. In the religious parlance of the time, he was addressed as a PantaramPantaram The word Pantaram in Tamil denotes a man who bears zero things in this materialistic world...., a religious person hailing from, and serving the ordinary folk. Akilattirattu addresses him as NarayanaPantaram.People came to him to listen to his teachings and instructions, to be cured by him of different diseases, to witness, worship and serve a religious person. Vaikundar encouraged the people to come together around a well to take a ritual bath, irrespective of caste differences. He encouraged them to dine together in his presence.He gave out a number of teachings and instructions, the central point of which was that he had come to abolish Kali Yukam, and to usher in an age of Dharma YukamDharma Yukam OverviewDharma Yukam is the state of absolute bliss as per Ayyavazhi mythology...., during the time of which the now-oppressed and suffering people would be liberated and rule the land under his leadership. 'Uplift of the lowly is dharmam’ was a constant refrain in his teachings. People were encouraged to serve as catalysts for the destruction of KaliKaliyan Kaliyan was the sixth fragment of the primordial manifestation of Kroni according to Akilam, the source of Ayyavazhi mytholo... by transforming themselves to be 'people of Dharma Yukam' and to acquire a new character. The new character would come upon them, he said, if they learned to live with self-respect, social dignity and fearlessness. Underscoring the importance of self-respect and social dignity, he said, ‘if one lives with dignity and self-respect, the kali would destroy itself’ . He said when people grew out of kalimayai, Dharma Yukam would unfold itself and in that age, he would rule over the people as Dharma RajaDharma Raja OverviewDharma Raja Karthika Thirunal The names of members of Royal houses of Kerala usually succeeded their birth star...., the king of Dharma Yukam.